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Paulo Freitas and Maria João Marques have worked in their own studio since 1999, having developed, in partnership with other architects, several works mainly in the area of restauration, rehabilitation and enhancement of the architectural heritage.

In 2009, Paulo Freitas e Maria João Marques Arquitectos, Lda. was set up, and they develop projects in the areas of architecture and urbanism. They also develop exhibition and editorial projects, architectural surveys of heritage buildings and training activities. Their work has already been awarded and published in Portugal, France and the United States of America.

Paulo Freitas
Maria João.jpg
Maria João Marques


Sara Walton
Diana Maudslay_edited.jpg
Diana Maudslay
Andreia Pereira
Catarina 2.jpg
Catarina Pereira
Rui Castro.jpg
Rui Castro
António Simões
Miguel Pinto.jpg
Miguel Lopes Pinto
Tiago Delgado.jpg
Tiago Delgado
Joana Pinto.png
Joana Pinto
Ana Rita Correia
Tânia Castro
Rui Nazário
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