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edifício dom hugo

Ongoing | Porto

This building, located on Rua Dom Hugo, in Porto, consists of a volume with 3 floors including an attic. The two free façades confront the west of Dom Hugo street and the east of Avenida Vimara Peres/D. Luís I Bridge, enjoying a unique view of the Bridge, the Douro River, and the Serra do Pilar Monastery, in Gaia.


Rua de Dom Hugo is part of the Historic Centre of Porto´s area classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The building in question is over 300 years old and is on the threshold of the old primitive wall of Porto, which can still be seen at the nascent limit of the lot.


The set of works planned to be carried out in these works intend to host a multi-family housing program. To this end, it is planned to maintain the volume in most of the construction, except for the attic floor. The floors will remain with their original distribution of half floors, which follow the slope of the land.


The three floors of the building will have 6 apartments, two of which will have direct access to the terrace, while the rest will have to access it through a common corridor. The terrace will maintain its existing configuration on two levels, now with a new deck and pool structure and social room, carefully deployed on site, for the benefit of users.


Catarina Brites

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