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módulo expositivo

2009 | Braga

This module, exhibited at the Monastery of São Martinho de Tibães, in Braga, had as main objective the dissemination of the Project and Work of Restauration and Rehabilitation of the Novitiate, South Wing and Cloister of the Refectory. During the period foreseen for these works, approximately 25% of the Monastery’s areas were inaccessible and were no longer part of the Museum Route. In this context, IPPAR commissioned IDEIAS EMERGENTES to present and disseminate this project and work, which should be opened as much as possible to all interested parties.


The order also presupposed the communication of the project to an indistinct and wide public and that the language of this communication was clear and accessible to all. Image emerged as a natural response to this request, as an easily accessible transmitting vehicle, giving rise to a module consisting of two projection boxes. One for virtual images that allow you to see the future and another for accompanying photographs of the work taken from 12 fixed points updated monthly.




exhibited images:

exhibited photos:



Instituto Português do Património Arquitectónico

Imerge, Ideias Emergentes Produção Cultural



Joaquim Pinheiro

Feder - Programa Operacional da Cultura (POC)

PFMJM Arquitectos

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