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moradia em fontelas

Ongoing | Peso da Régua

Rehabilitation of a house located in Fontelas, Peso da Régua.

A fundamental goal of the project is the recognition of the pre-existing schist building in its integration with the new functional program, and the enhancement of the unique visual relationship with the magnificent Douro landscape in the South, given its implantation at a high elevation, on the North side .

Schist walls will be restored, remade in the missing parts according to their original configuration, and on the south side, on the upper two levels, two running balconies will be made in metallic structure, which allow the reuse of the removed schist to be applied in the lacking areas. These openings will also allow the interior spaces to be illuminated and protected from sunlight, since the window frames will be receded. On the east side, an exterior stairway box will be installed that will connect all floors, of particular volume and aspect in relation to the house.

The ground floor will have an open space that will include a living area, dining area, kitchen and WC. The -1 level will have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Level -2, is intended for a cellar and storage area.

The roof will be gabled, made in a metal structure covered with slate on the outside and metal on the inside. The schist walls will be rehabilitated and made compatible with the new metal structure. The structure of the floors will be executed in a mixed system of metal profiles and concrete slabs, on which floors will be applied in smoothed screed.


Catarina Brites

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