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mosteiro da serra do pilar

2013 | Vila Nova de Gaia

The Serra do Pilar Monastery, built in 1538 under the direction of Diogo de Castilho and João Ruão, is currently a World Heritage Site. This project is located on top of an escarpment over the Douro River, on the south bank facing the city of Porto.

The spaces included in this project are the Heritage space to the North and Cloister, Church and Sacristy.

Interventions at the Serra do Pilar Monastery aim to improve the building's state of conservation. The main benefits of these interventions are the preservation of the building complex, the architectural heritage, its image and its functionality. The solutions were designed to minimize the impact on the existing structure, making it possible to dismantle it in the future, without compromising the current structure.



Direcção Regional de Cultura do Norte (DRCN)

Luís Ferreira Alves

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