mosteiro de s. miguel de refojos

2018 | Ongoing | Cabeceiras de Basto

The set of works was carried out over several phases, the first of which was the total rehabilitation of the roofs of the Church and of the East Wing of the Monastery, as well as the rehabilitation of doors, windows and paint work on the facades. Once this first phase was completed, the Serviço de Atendimento Único do município (SAU) was installed on the west wings’ ground floor.


The former monastery’s library was subsequently restored and the restoration of the old refectory is currently in progress. A visitation circuit is also being developed that will integrate the visitable areas of the monastery and the church, supported by information points, signs, information leaflets and an application.




Câmara Municipal de Cabeceiras de Basto

Inês D'Orey

Catarina Brites