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museu nacional de arte contemporânea do chiado

2014 | Lisboa

This project involved the restoration of some areas on the first floor of Convento de São Francisco, in Lisbon, for the installation of temporary exhibitions at the Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea – Museu do Chiado.


In this set of works, we took as a central idea the valorisation of the architectural heritage of the spaces where we intervened, either through the careful articulation of the existing spatial structures with the proposed new program, or by the search for an integrated design solution that allowed a clear reading of the architectural ensemble in its temporal dimension. In fact, the solution adopted reflects the contemporary context in which it was conceived, standing out from the existing one, and thus making what is original readable. For this purpose, the conservation works of the existing spaces and the hidden and orderly conditioning of all the necessary infrastructures for the new functions that these spaces have to perform stand out. On the other hand, the constructive solutions adopted tried to be as intrusive as possible, so that the spaces, once disengaged from these functions, present themselves with their original configurations, ready to accommodate new functions.


The characteristics of this construction were decisive for the distribution and dimensioning of the new program. In this way, the new features were dimensioned so that they could adapt to the scale of the existing architectural structures without making any changes in their shape. The intention was to create a homogeneous and neutral space that would highlight what is really important, which are the works to be exhibited. In addition to the existing spaces that now integrate a new visitation circuit, the current program includes a reception, a shop and cafeteria, exhibition rooms, educational service, museum services and support rooms.




PFMJM Arquitectos

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