palácio nacional da ajuda

Ongoing | Lisboa

This project involved the restauration of some areas of the monumental ensemble of Palácio Nacional da Ajuda, which contains specific parts in imminent ruin, as well as a set of pathologies at a global level likely to compromise the integrity of this important building. The restoration and enhancement project include the finishing of the west wing whre the Royal Treasury will be installed, and the Crown Jewels will be exhibited.


With this project, it is not intended to build Architect António Francisco Rosa’s reduced version of the Palace (1821), which has a symmetrically designed architecture where the turrets assume a determining role in the composition of the elevations that would necessarily change the profile and design of the Calçada da Ajuda. Instead, it assumes an implantation that will respect the current limits of the built mass of the palace and its relationship with the surrounding environment, coexisting with the layout of Calçada da Ajuda and Jardim das Damas.


The new west façade, with contemporary design and expression, seeks to restore the ensemble's reading unity. A formal composition is used, with reference to the pre-existing elevations, where the dominant horizontal lines are emphasized, making the vertical lines secondary and emphasizing the various stages of the existing facades. Two higher lateral bodies will be also built, with a profile and height identical to that of the north and south turrets of the east façade, essential for the balance of the ensemble. The use of a metallic cladding structure allows for a clear dating of the works and take on an ephemeral and reversible character.




DGPC | Câmara Municipal de Lisboa | Turismo Lisboa

Arq. João Carlos dos Santos | DGCP

José Pedro Costa