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polo descobrir

2015 | Project | Lisboa

This set of works aimed at the implementation of an Expositive Museum Center, within the scope of the Polo Decobrir Project at Doca do Arsenal, former Dyke, located in Ribeira das Naus, in Lisbon. The project provided for the construction of a building consisting of 2 floors that would be below the top of the dock walls, with the exception of the highest floor, the ground floor, where the entrance would be and where the ticket offices, the store and a cafeteria would be located.


The building would be surrounded by water, not touching the pre-existing walls, aiming at one of the objectives of the proposal which would be to simulate the dock full of water. Floor 0 would be in proportion to the rest of the newly created public space. On this floor would be located the entrances, the ticket office, the cloakroom, a store space and the cafeteria as well as the accesses to the two floors located below, with an exhibition function. These accesses would be arranged on opposite sides of this floor, organizing a flow of circulation that visitors would travel through the various exhibition spaces. On floor -1 there would be a multipurpose room and, next to the accesses, the sanitary facilities. Floor -2 would integrate the exhibition spaces and the technical areas. At this level, the side walls would be in concrete, similar to the basin, which would appear in the extension of its structure.


The intention was, with the restauration of the dry dock and with the implementation of the proposed museum nucleus, to return this magnificent structure to the enjoyment of visitors by creating the conditions necessary for its access and interpretation, valuing an area that is involved in the urban requalification of Ribeira das Naus, an urban space of excellence open to the population, a leisure and walking area, equipped with urban equipment and characterized by water mirrors, paths, green areas and afforestation.




Turismo Lisboa

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José Pedro Costa

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