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signage and access project for castro de vilarinho dos galegos

2023 | Vilarinho dos Galegos, Mogadouro

The main concern of this project focused on the architectural and heritage enhancement of the archaeological site of Castelo dos Mouros, located in the mirandese plateau, near the Douro River, in Vilarinho dos Galegos. The central idea of the intervention was thought as a journey through time and space, with project solutions that allows a clear reading of the archaeological complex in its temporal dimension.

The visitation tour, spread over seven stops, is presented to us by a set of structural corten steel sheet elements that have a very low impact on the landscape, which helps to create a coherent environment, both architecturally and structurally. The elements have an aesthetic but also a functional role throughout the visit. Cross. Climb. Guide. Observe. This constructive solution aims to ensure the durability of the materials and their maintenance at a reduced cost.

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Conservation and Restoration:

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Câmara Municipal de Mogadouro

Arqueologia e Património | Ricardo Teixeira

Anabela Hipólito

Arqueólogo António Dinis | Isabel Silva - Diretora do Museu de Arqueologia D. Diogo de Sousa

Diana Maudslay

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