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Ongoing | Porto

Located in the heart of the historic center of Porto, in a place that used to be the former Jewish quarter, stands a building that has been around for centuries. Characterized by its front to Rua da Vitória, the works that are intended to be carried out in the building include the evident benefits of the rehabilitation of a heritage property.


The set of works planned to be carried out on the property aim at its exclusive adaptation to housing. The proposal intends to provide all spaces with the appropriate areas and the habitability conditions necessary for its good functioning and the enjoyment of the spaces.


The facades will be maintained in and their constructive and ornamental elements will be rehabilitated. The attic floor, converted into a mansard, will take advantage of the landscape over the historic centre, respecting the volume and height of the urban composition of the elevations and neighbouring buildings, reflecting the slopes and gaps that characterize the uniqueness of the historic city.


Catarina Brites

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