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parque desportivo de évora

2007 | Competition | Évora

The project was developed as part of a competition promoted by Évora’s City Council for the construction of a Multipurpose Athletics Stadium.


This comprised an athletics track with eight runners and a central grassed area that would allow the practice of other athletics modalities like football; changing rooms and covered bench with capacity for about 3000 spectators; a Rugby Field that would serve for the practice of Rugby with dimensions for international competitions, it would include covered bench with capacity for about 2000 spectators and their support changing rooms; circulations and car parking that would integrate the pedestrian network and the car parking area respectively.


The two sports venues (multipurpose athletics stadium and rugby field) would be at two different levels, separated by support walls and streets, in order to overcome the slope of the terrain guaranteeing some functional autonomy. The arrival area at the sports complex would consist of a vast “informal” car and bus parking area, which would allow other types of activities, such as recreation and leisure, namely a space for the practice of radical activities or a walking area, cycling and other outdoor shows.


Between this area and the Multipurpose Athletics Stadium, it was proposed to create a line of cork oaks, an autochthonous species with little need for maintenance, which would serve as a framework for the building and the area of ​​shade and the permanence of people.





Câmara Municipal de Évora

Traço_Ìmpar Arquitectura | ABB Alexandre Barbosa Alves | DST Domingos da Silva Teixeira

2nd place in CONCURSO DE CONCEPÇÃO/CONSTRUÇÃO | Promoted by Câmara Municipal de Évora

LT Studios

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